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Knowledge key for investors seeking an edge with alternative Ucits

The popularity of alternative Ucits funds is on the rise, but investors need to be aware of the pitfalls as well as the potential of these vehicles

Japanese company models more important than Abe’s success

Abenomics may be looking to modernise Japanese society and economy, but a number of its more innovative companies have been implementing changes for some time

Absolute return a potential solution in challenging times

Absolute return fixed income funds tend to be unconstrained by benchmarks and therefore offer managers the flexibility to outperform, but investors need to be aware of the different strategies

Active management ever more important in high yield

Allocating to high yield still makes sense but investors must ensure that the philosophy and track records of their managers match their own requirements

The challenges of frontier markets

Frontier markets present numerous opportunities but the number of specialists dedicated to the asset class is limited, as are the strategies available to investors

Bigger not always better for fund managers

Successful fund managers invariably attract inflows into their products, but an expanding asset base can throw up a whole rage of problems for these individuals

Guiding investors through the global bond markets

The size and diversity of global fixed income markets can be confusing for investors, but when looking for managers they should seek those who combine top-down and bottom-up approaches in their funds

Will emerging market corporate bonds prove to be a permanent fixture?

Both top-down and bottom-up analysis are key when considering allocations to emerging market corporate bonds, while investors should tread carefully when it comes to high yield

Building partnerships between fund houses and distributors

Private banks following the guided architecture approach face a number of challenges when selecting fund groups, but both sides must be fully transparent and work together if the relationship is to prosper

Making the most of increased transparency

With more and more information about managers readily available, the job of a fund selector is actually becoming more difficult, particularly in competitive sectors such as UK equity income

Governance — Effective Philanthropic Strategies Ch 4/4

Jersey cannot rest on its laurels and must continue to innovate as a financial centre in order to succeed as a hub serving family offices.

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