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Mariam Rassai, BNP Paribas Wealth Management

BNP Paribas embraces external expertise to fulfil digital ambitions

Mariam Rassai, head of digital transformation and data at BNP Paribas Wealth Management, explains how strategic partnerships are key to improving the client experience

PWM cover 1222

Rebuilding the wealth management business model

Although popular with clients, the long-standing ‘one bank’ business model is no longer ubiquitous, with boutique firms also starting to shine

Credit Suisse GET

Can Credit Suisse ‘shape-shift’ its way to survival?

The Swiss stalwart has undergone myriad structural changes but a cultural transformation is equally important

Victoria Papworth, Coutts

All in the mind: dealing with private clients’ mental burdens

Wealthy individuals are not immune from struggles with their emotional wellbeing, with unprepared recipients of sudden wealth particularly vulnerable

Helen Westropp

Strong branding means getting serious about sustainability

Customers now expect companies to be able to show how they are working for the good of society and the planet, and those merely paying lip-service are quickly found out

Ian Woodhouse, Accenture

Reinventing business models for the benefit of advisers, clients and firms alike

If wealth managers are to achieve future growth and value, both the client and adviser experience needs to evolve

Gold Pyramid Getty  HUIZENG HU

Lower tiers of wealth pyramid a potential goldmine for wealth managers

Wealth managers will need to reduce costs and build scalable business models to successfully tap into the less affluent client segments

Cristoph Courth, Pictet

Compounding crises keep Pictet’s philanthropy unit on its toes

Uncertainty caused by the pandemic, geopolitical crises and climate change mean philanthropists are more in need of advice than ever

Cara Williams, Mercer

Financial firms prepare for changing of generational guard

Having an open and frank discussion about investment objectives is a key part of successful succession planning

Catherine Keating, BNY Mellon

Bankers should be pillars of society believes BNY Mellon

BNY Mellon’s Catherine Keating feels a huge sense of fulfilment in helping families reach their investment goals and says this need for advice is only going to increase 


Crispin Royle-Davies, managing director and senior research analyst for public real assets at Nuveen, speaks to PWM about the key role of real estate assets in private portfolios.

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