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Editor's Analysis


Switzerland learns to adapt to increased regulation

Increasing levels of regulation, especially from the US, are forcing the Swiss to make significant adjustments to preserve their status as a leading financial centre


New thinking to target new wealth

Banks active in Asia are rethinking client offerings, to adjust to the changing mentality of the region’s increasingly currency conscious wealthy investors


Swiss scandals could signal end of an era

The scandal surrounding the Hildebrands may mark a watershed in the relationship between Swiss bankers and politicians


Industry’s future lies in asset management

As PWM celebrates its tenth anniversary, we would like to ask: what should the private bank of the future look like? The answer to this both simple and complex question is “not like one of the past”, according to speakers at our recent private banking summit and awards ceremony, held in Geneva.


Where have all the leaders gone?

True leaders need to stick around and see their plans to completion, rather than move on to the next challenge


Boutique wealth managers face struggle for share of market

Boutique wealth managers are springing up across Asia, but competition from both global and regional players is fierce


Exchange traded funds on the ropes

The rapid rise of ETFs was in part a response to the financial crisis, but these vehicles are now coming under fire themselves


No such thing as a risk-free asset

Investors may search for safe havens, but with so much uncertainty in the markets it is impossible to hedge a portfolio against all possible outcomes


Banks learn importance of being earnest

Private bankers should concentrate on wealth preservation rather than innovative fee-generators


Will wealthy Asians go Swiss or stay local?

Wealth managers face an uphill struggle in selling both discretionary mandates and alternative investments in Asia

Governance — Effective Philanthropic Strategies Ch 4/4

Jersey cannot rest on its laurels and must continue to innovate as a financial centre in order to succeed as a hub serving family offices.

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